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Back Care/Gentle Yoga

  • The Brown Building 4133 Poplar Street San Diego, CA, 92105 United States (map)

Hi, my name is Livia and I tomorrow I'll be hosting a back care/gentle yoga session at the Brown Building for 1 hour. We'll combine some approaches from yoga and physical therapy. You can expect gentle stretching/strengthening, some breathing exercises and relaxation techniques--with the goals of pain relief, self-care and relaxation! 

(about the class)

I will most likely introduce myself to you and ask about how you're doing, your goals for the session, and any body areas/issues you'd like to focus on. Please share as much or as little as you like. Feel free message the Brown Building before class if you would rather talk that way. 

The session will be suitable for all experience levels, body types, and ability levels. We will definitely be doing some work with a chair, and it is optional for the whole class to be done in a chair. This session will emphasize consent, self-care, alignment, and body awareness. I will provide options for people who can not or prefer not to do something. I strive to tailor the class to each person's needs. This means that you can expect for everyone in the class to be doing something different at any time. There might be two people on the floor, one on a chair, and three doing something entirely different at the wall...the point is, we try to make it about what makes a good experience for YOU.

(what to wear, bring)
Please wear clothing that you can move around in easily. The Brown Building has all the equipment you need! No need to bring anything! But it's optional to bring your own yoga mat, yoga strap (or any non-stretchy belt), a blanket or large towel (for warmth), a blanket, towel, or pillow (to sit on), heating pad, water, and/or whatever else you feel like bringing. 

(what about $$) 
The class is donation-based, no one turned away for lack of funds, donations will be split between me and the Brown Building.

(about me)
I have been teaching yoga for over six years and practicing for over 12 years in a variety of styles. I have extensively studied the history of yoga and am happy to talk about this subject. I am queer white and disabled. I continuously try to decolonize the way I teach, talk, and think about yoga and to prioritize/create a safer space for non-white, queer, trans, neurodivergent, and disabled people. I'm really open to criticism or feedback about how to do this better.

The Brown Building is wheelchair accessible and has a ramp to the bathroom. Optional/subject to people's needs: I play soft music without lyrics and bring an essential oil diffuser/humidifier with lavender scent. 

Brown Building's Safer Space Policy:

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